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Freshness, flavor, color ... a culinary trip to Thailand is unrivaled. Where the streets never sleep, where it's a day and night affair, the food is ubiquitous and menu items are of infinite variety. Since each street vendor works tirelessly to improve their specialties on a daily basis, locals have adopted the habit of snacking at all hours. Regardless of the time, the Thai are spoiled with choice.


Why not here? This is what led us to create Cuisine, The Tuktuk inc.


Le Tuktuk is the first thai food truck in Montreal. On the road since June 2013, we also offer our services in festivals, receptions and private or corporate parties.



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A tuktuk is a motorized tricycle that serves as a taxi. The front is a modified motorcycle, the passengers seat is at the rear and the roof is made with rubberized canvas. It's an inexpensive means of transportation, and small enough to squeeze through traffic and into narrow streets. As a well-known element of Thailand, tuktuks are to Bangkok what yellow taxis are to New York.


Our very own "Tuktuk" is a truck who delivered mail in a previous life. Now transformed, equipped with a kitchen, our food truck is the best way to join you and prepare our specialties where you are. To represent his symbolic origins, our truck borrows the thai tuktuks colors. Our logo represents a tuktuk in the sun ... on his way to party!

Chef Max

Max is originally from northeast Thailand, a region called Isaan, which shares borders with Laos and Cambodia. This is a rather poor and arid region, where people live mainly of rice farming. The people of Isaan, from Lao and Cambodian origin (people speak Lao or Khmer) created a distinctive cuisine very popular in Thailand. It is with great pride that Le Tuktuk shares a little of this distinctive cuisine that will surprise you with flavours of spice and fresh herbs. Accompany the experience with sticky rice and you will truly get a glimpse of Isaan style cooking.


Max has been working as a cook for over 17 years. He began at the age of 16 in various restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand. In Quebec for more than 6 years and increasingly passionate about his art, he will always be happy seeing you discover the unique flavors of his inventive cuisine

5076 de Bellechasse, Montreal, H1T2A2

Telephone : 514-473-1814


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